Group classes

Pelican Athletic Club

↠Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga poses will calm and reset your entire body and mind. We practice stillness or gentle movement for extended periods of time, and focusing on our breath we align the physical and mental. A restorative yoga sequence typically involves only five or six poses, supported by props that allow you to completely relax and rest. We hold poses for 5 minutes or more, working through light twists, seated forward folds, and gentle backbends.

BAYOU YOGA - 1800 W Causeway approach #114, mandeville, LA 70471

As a new mamma, I craved a space that offered a heartfelt connection where I could practice yoga with my children and other parents. A space that fully accepted the loudness and energy children may bring and that also valued the inspiration and creativity our children offer. The classes and programs I have created originated in the hope that they can offer that space.

↠ Prenatal Yoga

For all Mamma's to be, regardless of your yoga experience. This class is safe and accommodating to all months of pregnancy, and supports you in cultivating a mind-body-spirit awareness that has brought peace to so many. We will focus on easing the discomforts, aches and fatigue in pregnancy through hip openings, lower spine and sciatic relief. We will use our breath to find emotional balance and calm the body, building a foundation of focused breathing for use in labor. Come spend quality time with your growing star seed and build a support community of women in similar stages of the birthing process.

↠ Mommy and mei

Join us for yoga with modified traditional poses mom can practice while holding, rocking and connecting with babies in a safe peaceful environment. A way to reconnect to yourself while enjoying time with your child. We will incorporate songs, gentle movement and infant massage as well as quiet time. Please bring car seat, blankets, stuffed animals and any toys into the studio for your child to be as comfortable as possible.
~ From six weeks to crawlers

↠ Mindful Mammas

A time of movement with FOCUS and FIRE while finding inner PEACE, linking our movement with our breath. This class is specially designed for moms to help navigating our changing physical and emotional landscape. We will build strength, focus on mind and breath with a commitment to alignment to access our strength, sacredness and grace. The welcoming environment creates a class alive with questions, philosophy and humor based on connecting real life situations to the physical practice of asana. Moms practice while their little ones play in the kids corner interacting with their yogi friends.

↠ Toddler yoga

Classes are based on movement, music, stories and fun! Toddler yoga helps children develop gross motor skills, coordination, social skills and self confidence. Your child will improve digestion, sleep and overall health through the exploration of yoga.
~ Strong walkers to age 5

↠ After school yoga 6-9 years old & 9-12 years old

Join me for After School Yoga at Bayou Yoga. We will explore movement and breathing techniques through different yoga styles: flowing sequences, partner and group yoga. We will play games, make up stories, sing songs and meditate together. Yoga helps build confidence, improve focus as well as flexibility and assists in relaxing mind and body in the ups and downs of life. Sign up your kiddo and enjoy more peace and calm in your household!

↠ "Peace out" 6 week workshop in yoga and expressive arts for teenage girls

Join me for a 6 week workshop in Yoga and Expressive Arts where we will focus on loving ourselves for who we really are, how to lift each other up and how we can be an important member in the community by finding and offering our own special gifts. Through Yoga and Expressive Arts we will explore how to handle stress, anger, anxiety, depression, and other challenges teens face today. We will practice breathing techniques to calm, energize, and balance the nervous system. We will try different types of yoga, partner and group poses as well as deep relaxation to build inner and outer strength as well as physical and mental flexibility. Through Expressive Arts we will explore emotions and thoughts affirming our life experiences while providing new perspectives. We will find freedom in our unique creative expression while finding ways to access and find insight into our deepest emotions and thoughts.

↠ yoga and art Birthday Party!

Let the next birthday party be full of love, art, yoga & mindful activities! YogiExpressions birthday parties are fun, enriching, unique and memorable for all children. I offer them in our studio as well as off site.

All birthday parties are scheduled in 2 hour blocks on Saturday sand Sundays. Suggested times are 11 am, 1 pm, 3 pm. Ages range from 3 through teens. Prices include yoga class with a special theme, art project and healthy snacks. You bring the cake, we take care of everything else!


  1. Up to 10 yogis on Saturday, or Sunday $400

  2. Up to 15 yogis on Saturday, or Sunday $500

Suggested themes:

  • Jungle Yoga

  • Beach Yoga

  • Farm Yoga

  • Outer Space Yoga

  • Nature Yoga

  • Super Heroes Yoga

  • Fairy Yoga

  • Circus Yoga (explore the spirit of yoga and play through Group Games, Flying Partner Yoga, Partner Acrobatics, Circus Skills and more!)

  • Yoga Spa (aromatherapy with hand and foot massages, relaxation through visualization)

  • Downward Doll (bring in your favorite doll or stuffed animal)

  • Or come up with your own!

Example of art making/take home/goodie bag:

  • Gratitude jar/box

  • Meditation Jar

  • Magic Mist/ Magic Oil

  • Relaxation eye pillow

  • Mandala art

  • Gratitude & peace necklace

  • Meditation journal

  • Relaxation take home kit (eye pillow, mist and art - additional cost applies)


Adult classes

↠ Align & flow yoga

Alignment and slow flow in a light hearted and challenging asana experience. We will work hard physically yet take the time to do poses in a way that serve us therapeutically. Learn tools and practices to lead you from your mat into your life more passionate and skillfully.

↠ Flow & Yin yoga

Lengthen and strengthen your muscles, body and mind with an invigorating vinyasa practice followed by series of floor postures held for several minutes to access safe and positive stress on the deep layers of connective tissue in the body. Physically Yin Yoga restores and maintains the natural mobility of the joints as well as increase circulation and improve flexibility.  Energetically Yin Yoga opens the body's meridian system, which enhances the body's energetic flow and supports emotional equilibrium.

↠ Restorative yoga

Center your breath and body. By practicing stillness and gentle movement for extended periods of time you will align your physical and mental body. The slower pace and deep breathing in class will trigger the parasympathetic nervous system and help mitigate the effects the fight-or-flight stress response that can be damaging to your physiology and well being. Props will assist you in holding poses longer and comfort your mind and body down to the cellular level.

Yoga & mindfulness classes at local schools

Are you interested in adding yoga to your school?
Inquire about availability and prices.

↠ Yoga for children 3-5 years old

In this playful and energetic class your children will strengthen their gross motor coordination and build body awareness. They will practice social skills, gain self confidence and create healthy growth all through exploring yoga. Classes are based on movement, songs, stories, relaxation techniques and fun!

↠ Yoga for children 6-9 years old

This playful class encourages self-expression as well as building social skills. Your children will improve strength, flexibility, and coordination. They will learn how to focus and center themselves with various breathing and visualization techniques. They will also learn self-respect and respect for others with the practice of fun and challenging poses, partner and group poses, lots of yoga games, breathing and basic anatomy.

↠ Yoga for children 10-12 years old

Help build strength and flexibility with more physically challenging postures and flowing sequences. Promote self-confidence, awareness and control. Visualization and breathing exercises are used for overall balance and concentration, which can be applied toward everyday situations. Partner, group poses and age-appropriate yoga games are explored in class.

↠ Yoga for teens

Yoga promotes the mind-body connection and is a creative and successful way to develop a positive body image which is very needed at this age. Explore yoga postures and flowing sequences, practice breathing exercises and enjoy deep relaxation in a non-competitive environment. In this class teens will build inner and outer strength as well as physical and mental flexibility and learn to let go stress and anxiety, build a helathy relationship with their bodies and feel great about themselves.

Private yoga classes - children & adults

Available at the studio or in-home / in-office

Discover the benefits of one or a series of private yoga lessons.

↠ children's class

Private yoga classes can be designed to meet your child's needs whether it be developing a greater ability to focus, relieving stress or just having fun. Private classes are also available for children with special needs.

↠ Yoga for the special child

Yoga techniques are used to enhance the natural development of children with special needs. Together we create classes that are gentle and beneficial and safe for children with Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Autism and other developmental disabilities. These methods also provide an effective treatment for children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder, ADHD and Learning Disabilities.

↠ Family class

Yoga is a great way for a family to bond as well as a great equalizer. Your children will love helping you work on poses that come easily and naturally to them. Family classes include yoga poses that are accessible to students of all ages and also emphasize group and partner poses.

↠ parent & child class

Work one on one with your child of any age (infants to teens) in a class designed to meet the needs of both parent and child, while strengthening the bond between them. These classes are deeply nurturing and relaxing for both participants as well as being a lot of fun!

↠ Pre & post natal class

Yoga provides many benefits, both physical and emotional, during and after pregnancy. Classes are designed to help mamma move trough her changing body in a supportive and respectful way.

↠ Adult class

With private yoga lessons we personalize and design a class based on your physical, mental and emotional goals with your health, body type and lifestyle in mind.

Single private 60 minute session $75
Packages available

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